Pieces of Koco: Presentation

salon flyer

Photographer JJ Tiziou and sculptor James Peniston introduce their new project How Philly Moves—a multi-disciplinary documentary of dance. Andrew David Watson (w/special guest!) premieres his 20 minute film Down the Hatch: The Life of John “Red” Stuart. Nicole Bindler engages the audience with a memoir in dance. Miss Koco amplifies the social life of objects with Pieces of Koco.


Froggy Duo

froggy duo
item#: 071 (big frog) 072 (small frog)
materials: plastic
status: taken

Creature Collection

item#: 067 & 068, 090-108
materials: mostly plastic
status: taken (2.01.08)

Here we have all kinds of fabulous freaks: Kitty (the Monsters Inc. character, item #090), a glow-in-the-dark alien (item #091), three pigs (item #100-102). These tiny creatures were picked up here and there. I couldn’t say where each and every one was from but I know some came from Kinder Eggs: the crow that pulls the worm out of th ground (item #107), the strange bird with blue feathers (item #104), the yellow and orange worm (item#095), and the scary green smiling thing with yellow arms and suction cups (item #098), and the robo-cat with green arms (item #092). The pigs and the chicken (item #093) came from a set of farm animals, Kitty came from a vending machine outside a Japanese toy store in NYC, and the turtle with the bobbing head (item #094) my mother picked up on a trip to some place I can’t remember. The Monkey (item #068) and the Giraffe(item #067) are also part of the Creature Collection.

2.01.08 I gave these away to an artist through freecycle and we met up at a benefit art show, Corsets For A Cure. As a totally unexpected bonus she gave me a copy of The Daring Book For Girls. It’s perfect.

The creatures became the stars of this creation:
creature creation


Okay this is far more than I could have ever expected. It started out as item:#062, then he became Prague, probably on of the most well traveled tree frog ever.
frog on the court
The adventures of Prague the Frog can be found at: frog062.wordpress.com

How exciting!


item#: 087 & 089
materials: metal
status: #087 taken (2.26.08), #089 (?)

Toys are made to be played with, right? I never took these out of their boxes. One even still has the plastic packaging intact.

I have always liked them thought, So simple, yet so awe inspiring and mesmerizing to watch.

I gave one away to a woman through free cycle, and the second one… I seem to have lost track of. This is really strange. I have vivid memories about the simplest things, and I can’t seem to recall what happened to the second slinky. Maybe I gave it to the woman who took the Barrel of Monkeys.


George Carlin gets it about all the insanity connected to stuff.

old pine

item#: 062
materials: plastic
status: taken (2.13.08)

[update 2.18.2008] Here is item #062 on its first adventure.

item #062
photo by: Mary Schwalm

“a trip the Reptile/(Amphibian) house at the Philadelphia Zoo. [Mary] decided to give the frog a sense of its roots so it realizes how special its new life is….. ”

This is one lucky frog because its new owner, Mary Schwalm, is a photographer who travels a lot. If I could fit into someone’s pocket, I’d say Mary’s would be a cool one to pick.

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