Pieces of Koco: Presentation

salon flyer

Photographer JJ Tiziou and sculptor James Peniston introduce their new project How Philly Moves—a multi-disciplinary documentary of dance. Andrew David Watson (w/special guest!) premieres his 20 minute film Down the Hatch: The Life of John “Red” Stuart. Nicole Bindler engages the audience with a memoir in dance. Miss Koco amplifies the social life of objects with Pieces of Koco.


1 Response to “Pieces of Koco: Presentation”

  1. 1 Jenny Kanzler April 10, 2008 at 4:55 am

    Dear Ms. Koco, I am so ashamed. Tonight, when you were referring to those silent multitudes who dissapointed you — that was me. And I realize now that no number of revolting chocolates could appease you. I neglected to follow-through on my responsibility to inform you of the activites of the dong chim pen, but that is only because something terrible happend to it and I didn’t want to tell you at first. I used it for several weeks at my office job, to sign official documents (snickering to myself all the while and thinking that I would just do this until a really good idea occurred to me), but my complacency was sorely misplaced. As I was delighting myself with my own ineffectual subversion, I was not aware that the deliate paint on the pen was slowly rubbing away, and that it probably would have been a better idea to simply marvel at the pen, rather than use it. As the picture faded, I began to feel a sense of loss and also a responsibility to try to preserve, at least, the history of the pen, and to share that initial wonder that I felt the night that you gave it to me. But instead I alienated several coworkers, with my demonstration of that crude pointing gesture. Apparently, all talk of poo during normal business hours is incredibly inappropriate. And gesturing of any sort makes people really nervous. So now the image is almost completely rubbed off and I think that the only thing I can do is to try to paint it back on… I remember that there was a snotty nose, two fingers and a big turd. Those are the essentials. Please forgive me. Jenny

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