Objects hold stories and memories. This is what gives them intrinsic value and why I have immense difficulty throwing away or getting rid of things. Ticket stubs to museums represent a whole series of inspiring ideas; a plastic spider ring is the first gift received from a first love; an old biology book actually is the hours spent studying, the smell of the massive library, and the knowledge gained. Discarding the item removes the reminder. And, until recently I believed that disposal dissolves the significance and the evidence of the memory, and my existence.

My fascination with the history of objects and the way things can map time, place, and experience led me to study art history and anthropology. My thesis projects in undergrad and graduate school focused on documentation as art. This project, Pieces of Koco, attempts to continue that work and looks to incorporate as many opportunities as possible to make connections with members of the community, to donate things to people who want or need them, and to recycle.

Some pieces are given away, to live an new life, to acquire new stories. Some pieces are transformed, into new things. Some pieces are recycled, and the story of doing so is told. Very few pieces will be simply thrown out, and as many pieces as possible will be documented.


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gotta a piece? wanna piece?

If you've captured a piece of koco, and now it's a piece of you, leave a story, tidbit, a poem, an update, a whatever, as a comment to let us all know what it has been up to.

If you want an "available" piece of koco, email koco(at)misskoco.com.


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