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status: Japanese babes taken (2.13.08)

When I come across some good junk (like old maps, bus schedules, catalogs, menus, etc.), I turn them into envelopes. I even have a whole bunch out of health brochures. Don’t be surprised if you get a letter from me and the envelope tells you how to give yourself a breast exam.

I made this set out of a magazine filled with over-tanned Japanese chicks, with obvious eye surgery, modeling skimpy swim wear. I sit and make envelopes all the time to keep me busy. They’re really easy to make too.

stash of envelopesThe simple how-to: First, I take apart an envelope and trace it onto card stock–an old cereal box or file folder will do the trick. Then I trace the template onto the piece of paper I’m going to reuse. At this point it’s good to place it so that you get the most interesting image on the envelope, or try to minimize the amount of cutting you’ll have to do by placing the template on the edge of the paper. Then cut it out. To make things go faster, sometimes I’ll cut 2-4 out at the same time. Cut it, fold it, glue the bottom. Tah dah!

I made the set of Japanese bikini babe envelopes for thing-a-day. Looking at my enormous stash of things I’ve made, I realize that my next challenge is going to be figuring out what to do with all these fun creations.



I’m still slowly sorting through the things in my closets, on my shelves, in boxes, etc. and figuring out what to do with them. I released books I don’t have extreme attachment to into the wild using My old glasses, watches, and costume jewelry I sent to New Eyes for the Needy. I went through my closet and found enough items I’ll absolutely never wear to fill three big bags. I took them to Buffalo Exchange. But they didn’t want any of my stuff, not even the Anna Sui skirt or the three pairs of heels I never wore. I ended up buying a few items and hauling my bags across town to drop off at Philadelphia AIDS Thrift. 2083 2238443332 7340E8D1Aa M

Some articles of clothing I can’t even give away, for example a pair blue flannel pants with torn hems. I have about 20 pairs of comfy pants to sleep in, and 4 pairs of jeans with breezy knees, so I’m going to cut the salvageable material into long one-inch strips and crochet a bag or something. Stay tuned for my reuse craft projects.

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