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George Carlin gets it about all the insanity connected to stuff.




item#: 059
materials: plastic
status: taken (2.13.08)

update: 4.03.08
toady & nitty
Toady has been hanging out with a couple hamsters these days, Creamsicle and Nitany. I’ve been told that Nitany is blessed with very good markings and an amazing personality.

Rachel told me all about Toady’s new friends:
creamy and toady

One of them is Nitty (Nittany) after the Nittny Lions.We got him 2 years ago. And the other is Creamsicle (we call her Creamy) got her somewhere around September a year ago. The are both so cute. Toady is doing well. He has made a new friend named “Mr. Blik” from a McDonalds kids meal. We picked “Mr. Blik” up in Vail, Colarado in January. Blik becoming Toady’s best friend ofcourse besides me, Nitty and Creamy. Toady misses you and says to keep in touch often. We might have to by him a cell phone, just joking, if i can’t have 1 he can’t have 1.

I love it, no cell phone for Toady.

in a tree

item#: 044
materials: plastic
status: available

The Boat (#007)

 2389 2214158273 65B6Ba2Ed4 Mitem#: 007
dimensions: 6.5 x 5.8 x 1.7 cm
materials: plastic
date acquired: March 26th, 2002
status: taken (2.01.08)

This item may seem like the least exciting of the bunch, but it has a great history. Once I took a guy I was dating to see De La Guarda, a off-Broadway show that was playing in Union Square, for his birthday. According to my 2001-2002 date book the date was March 26th, 2002. The performance involved people in harnesses flying around, running on walls, lots of water, dancing, balloons, and no sitting down. If you haven’t seen it, watch the following clip and you’ll see what I mean.

There were points in the performance when it basically rained balloons, confetti, and even little TOYS! This was like my favorite day. I had to take one to keep, some kind of vessel to carry the memories of that event with me. There were many to pick, but I settled on the boat. I remember that the birthday boy didn’t seem to enjoy himself as much as I did. He said he wanted to sit, I thought it was tons of fun.

This boat traveled with me from my apartment at Cliff Street, to my apartment at John Street, then it came to Philadelphia and has been living here since then.

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